another fox girl

My favorite color combination, once again- red and green.

She has a removable bow and a spiderweb shawl.

I love this face!

I put a hook on the basket and stitches a loop on her hand. I did the same for this one. Now they can carry their baskets properly.

One more fox to finish and then onto the next thing.

6 thoughts on “another fox girl

  1. Mimi,
    I love the little rabbits on her dress. Images of dinner on her dress! Just like the rabbits on professor fox’s vest!

  2. Charming. Alert face. This fox seems to be gazing. The outfit is perfect for a cool spring day. Marvelous colors, particularly orange with maroon. The gossamer scarf is a nice touch. Is that a back-up scarf in the basket?

  3. The basket is so perfect! Love the bunny print dress and tailored cropped jacket!

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