dog 4

and here is that other one I mentioned.

I think the golden/mustardy yellow is my new favorite color.

His hat is pinned in but I’m thinking I probably ought to sew it.

I’m liking his profile.

This is #100 doll in my 2011 flickr photostream. It is weird though- I’ve done several projects this year that I can’t be public about so the numbers don’t feel terribly meaningful. Ah well, it is still an exciting number!

7 thoughts on “dog 4

  1. congrats for the #100. Dog#4 looks prepared for the winter. I love the way the sweater neck “sits” on him.

    If i may make wishes here, i’d love to see a dog in one of those earflap hats. They always remind me of, well, dogs…

  2. 100 projects! Congratulations, Mimi – plus the additional secret projects. A very productive year!

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