Dog on a hike

I was trying to imagine what a dog would bring on a hike if they could do it for themselves. A cashmere sweater, handsome woolen vest, and a solid walking stick is a good start.

And a roomy backpack of course. Here is what is inside-

A notebook, a water bottle, a ball, a snack (bone). Plus some money, just in case of emergency, and a handkerchief.

Detective Dog

This fine fellow was lots of fun to make.

Here he is with all his things-

He’s got a tie so he will look professional and a vest to keep warm during the investigations. Then there is a corduroy jacket with pockets to store all his detecting tools.

He has a magnifying glass, a notebook and pencil to write down clues, a map to get around the city, and a handkerchief to wipe his brow when he has to think really hard.

Here is a close-up of his vest and tie.

Shaggy Gardener Dog

I finally have something finished! What we’ve got here is a shaggy-haired dog in his gardening togs.

He is an expert gardener with years of dirty-paw experience. These fall days are getting chilly so he has his cashmere hat-

And fair isle sweater vest.

His garden bag holds some of his tools and some of his harvest.

Herringbone Hound

This is the last dog for now. This one can be whoever you want him to be- Mr. Dog with a messenger bag: Professor, artist, geologist, book store owner, secret billionaire… really, anyone you’d like!

Look at that profile and regal nose!

Cashmere turtleneck and a corduroy jacket.

Another Garden Dog

This fellow looks more like a BBC-presenter-gardener than a putter-around-the-allotment gardener. Takes all kinds, right?!

I am really having fun with these faux Fair Isle sweaters. Although, embroidering on cashmere is not easy.

In case you are wondering, he holds his basket with a hook and eye fastener. The hook is sewn into the cuff of his shirt. Here are all the things in his trug/garden basket-

And here is a random photo from my walk today. I had to show you because WOW, that tree looked like it was on fire!

Beach Boy Hound

Here he is, ready to spend a relaxing day at the beach.

I have had that tropical print seersucker in my stash for a long while and I am so happy to have found the perfect use for it.

Here is all his stuff- his ukulele, beach basket, towel, etc.

Hanging out in the sun alone (above) and with his lady friend (below).

Beach pups

Time has been so crazy in 2020. Summer went by so fast. These next 2 pups are about summer fun.

I made them as a couple but they probably won’t stay that way. I will show you all of the ladypup details today. Tomorrow for the manpup.

Here she is in her tropical print shirt and skirt. She has a flowered sunhat and her basket of beach supplies.

A button at the back of her skirt. And here she is with all her stuff-

Mr. Detective Dog

dog detective

I spent quite a while figuring out how to make a deerstalker. Of course that is the fun part!

He has a clean white handkerchief in one pocket and his magnifying glass in the other. There is lots more in his bag.

He has a warm vest under his jacket.

All his things-

Gardening Hound

Have you done any pandemic projects? I have. Mine has been to propagate some plant babies… actually a whole lot of plant babies. I have a tiny forest of myrtle trees that I hope to attempt to train into topiary (eventually) and many many baby streptocarpus plants which will hopefully bloom one day. Then I can figure out which plant I took the cuttings from since I forgot to label them! Anyway, what does that have to do with this gardening dog? When I wanted to see if I could make the baby streptocarpus, I watched a few videos. My favorites were from the UK, some old fellow puttering around in his greenhouse/shed explaining as he went. And here he is in dog form.

He’s got to have a hat because it is cold out in the shed. And a warm (cashmere) fair isle vest under his corduroy jacket.

All his stuff-