Land of Nod!

Today is the target day for the Land Of Nod Holiday catalogs to arrive in peoples’ homes- So now I can shout out the news!

A target date means that some people already have them and others not quite yet. Luckily I received a special delivery catalog so I’ve seen my dolls on paper and also at the website.

As you can see, they are producing a fox couple, a kitty couple and a bunny couple. The dolls are being made in India. At the top of the page is a sweet elephant designed by Hilary and on the left are some fantastic Cotton Monster creatures. I will confess that when I was in Chicago in September, I visited the Land Of Nod offices and the Cotton Monster hedgehogs were the ones I wanted to sneak into my bag and take home!

It is hard to understand the scale from these photos, but they are smaller than the ones I make and sell. Here is a photo I took (a YEAR ago!) when I was working on the prototypes-

In the course of the project, various bits and pieces changed because of child safety or problems with getting the right materials. The finished foxes have not got scarves, shawls, purses… but, if you wanted to, you could make your own, right?

There are also 4 babies- what I call swaddled babies and they are calling Bundle Babies (Love that name!) The Land Of Nod version has an awake side and an asleep side and is also smaller than my art pieces. Here is a photo of the prototypes (asleep side) they sent me for approval last Spring.

Here is a link to the catalog pages- lime, yellow, orange, red

If you click over to Wee Wonderfuls, you can read how Hilary went to a Land Of Nod store and was able to see a few things in person. She sent me this photo of the doll and also the tag- how exciting is that!

It has been a long process- more than a year. This introduction is just one more step in a journey that has been all new to me. I am now going to watch with curiosity, excitement, anticipation, how these babies make their way into the world!


26 thoughts on “Land of Nod!

  1. WOW!!! They are all awesome! And the foxes get top picks! You must be so proud & happy to see this come to life at last! Way to go Mimi! : )

  2. Congratulations, Mimi! A whole new frontier! Don’t know how you kept it a secret from your fans for so long but I’m glad you can finally share the news. Exciting!

  3. Wow, Mimi! This is really exciting stuff!!! I adore Land of Nod! I have a robot pillow that I adore, my husband brought home for me from a biz trip! Soooo cool!!! congrats!

  4. This is so wonderful! Such wonderful, wonderful news for you! It’s so great to see all your hard work, creativity and special imagination pay off for you. You totally earned it and fully deserve it. Take a moment to indulge yourself and immerse your ego in a bath of satisfaction and self-confidence before life throws you back into the workaday world of what’s next. (Just in case you’re there already. *wink*) It’s a testament to the hours you’ve put in getting here.

  5. Congratulations Mimi!!! What a great project … I bet you can’t wait until you’re able to go to a Land of Nod store yourself to see your babies in person.

  6. Happiest congratulations! This is very exciting and I am so happy for you to get even wider recognition for your vision and creativity beyond the group of appreciative fans that you already have. Hooray!

  7. OMG! Congrats, Mimi! Yes, keep us posted on how well they’re received. How clever to have a sleeping and awake Bundle Baby! Too bad all your lovely details like scarves and purses didn’t make it into the final designs, but it’s understandable. Wonderful. Glad to hear your long journey on this project is coming to the denouement. Wishing you much success!

  8. WOW! Congratulations. It looks like they were able to capture the spirit of your artwork in the picture of the sweet babies. We have a Land of Nod store here in Seattle – I am going to have to go view these myself.

  9. Mimi congratulations. You have worked so hard for many years. Well deserved so happy for you !

  10. oh mimi i am in love! i just found your site through salley mavor…such beautiful work…and you have the BEST name in the world…my grandmother was mimi and so it’s very special. can’t wait to peek through your blog in detail.

  11. mimi…CONGRATULATIONS! i have followed, and loved, your work for a few years. this is an exciting step and will allow so many more people to be exposed to your work…and your art. i’m very excited for you! smiles and love from los angeles.

  12. such a big deal you are!! congratulations mimi. is it weird though? to see your dolls for sale that were stitched by someone else?

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