Hey- That’s my jacket!

Well it used to be anyway.

I finally admitted to myself that my nice old linen jacket was looking bedraggled and didn’t really fit right any more. And one of the buttons had broken. It was time to recycle it. I think it makes a pretty great little fox jacket!

I am imagining that the squarer eye shape looks a little like glasses.

I love the bunny fabric. I bought it in San Francisco this past summer.

Here is what is hiding in her school bag-

She has a little pocket hanky- a scrap from one of my Dad’s old shirts.

The dress closes with a snap in the back-

6 thoughts on “Hey- That’s my jacket!

  1. Ah, I too love her bunny fabric dress. How wonderful to recycle old fabric like from your jacket and your dad’s old shirt. Really beautiful work, Mimi. I like her square eyes too.

  2. She is just so delicious! I love, love, love these fox girls! The jacket just works – the tiny book in her bookbag is perfect, the bunny print on the dress is just right in scale and delightful design, and the square eyes are a terrific touch! Thanks for making my day with this posting!!

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