I’m off on a walk Girl

1-25-girl 2 - 1

This girl has got it all together and she is off to do her thing. Which happens to maybe? involve a sketch book and pencil that is in her backpack.

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (2)

A little bit closer-

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (3)

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (1)

Here she is with her things- I took her shirt off so you can see the top part of her “underwear”.

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (5)

The shirt buttons up the front but it can be hard to see.

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (6)

1-25-girl 2 - 1 (4)

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