russet and olive girl

I love these colors. They make me think of forest and Autumn.

2-2--girl 6 - 1

It was sooooo cold when I went out to take her photos- my hands were numb by the time I finished! She definitely needed her hat and scarf.

2-2--girl 6 - 2

2-2--girl 6 - 3

I gave her shoes a little extra fancy-

2-2--girl 6 - 6

2-2--girl 6 - 5

2-2--girl 6 - 4

4 thoughts on “russet and olive girl

  1. Dear Mimi,
    The dolls you make are all very beautiful and unique. I especially have like the little girls you make with so many fine details in their clothing and accessories. It gives me so much pleasure so see them even though I can’t afford to buy one. I was on FB and there was so much bad news I had to get off; then I saw your email and felt better because your rust and olive girl is so pretty.

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