Throwback to hippie days

This little cat was inspired by some Indian print fabric scraps that my neighbor gave me. They look like bits of clothing and bedspreads that everyone I knew was wearing and using for decor back in the late 60’s/70’s.

Of course no one I knew would have been wearing a cashmere sweater!

She has a purse/bag just like I used to use. I would have made a macrame fringe but it was just too tiny so I settled for knots. Also a cool bead necklace.

She is out in the garden with the only thing left blooming, the alyssum.

Kitty with mouse dress

2-6-kitty 5 - 1

This is the last kitty for now. Yes, those are little mice on her dress.

2-6-kitty 5 - 3

Silk bow at her ear-

2-6-kitty 5 - 2

2-6-kitty 5 - 5

2-6-kitty 5 - 7

Some details- Vintage cotton rickrack at her hem. Antique buttons on her jacket- I think they are some kind of nut shell? Antique shell button on her purse.

2-6-kitty 5 - 4

2-6-kitty 5 - 6

I will be putting the last 2 kitties into my etsy shop today. I have pulled out a pile of already-sewed-up tattooed people and have started to stuff them. I also need to pull out the dye pots and dye up some more mermen. Onward!

Kitty Girl #2

2-1-kitty 2 - 1 (1)

A kitty school girl in a dress made from more fabric from my Mom’s stash. This dress fabric is (probably) 70’s vintage lawn. It was one of my mom’s unfinished projects- all cut out but never sewed up. I love being able to give it a new life.

2-1-kitty 2 - 2

She has a school bag, a cabled cashmere sweater with heart buttons and a ruffle edge, and a lacy shawl.

2-1-kitty 2 - 3

2-1-kitty 2 - 4

2-1-kitty 2 - 6

What’s in her school bag?

2-1-kitty 2 - 5

2-1-kitty 2 - 1

First Doll of 2020

Phew, I managed to finish one before January is over!

1-31-kitty 1 - 1 (1)

Her dress is made of vintage Liberty lawn that I got from my Mom. She has a cashmere sweater and a silk bow at her ear.

1-31-kitty 1 - 1

I have collected many random little trinkets over the years- that is the category that I’d put that dragonfly pin into. Sometimes they find their place.

1-31-kitty 1 - 2

1-31-kitty 1 - 3

1-31-kitty 1 - 5

1-31-kitty 1 - 4

I’d like to pretend that I could work on the dolls and also have a side project but I am very bad at it! My quilt is coming along and I wish I could keep to my plan to only work on it for an hour or 2 in the evenings, but it is a big distraction. Here it is, waiting and tempting me in the morning light. (I managed to resist because I NEEDED to post something today!)

1-31-kitty 1 - 1 (2)

Kitty Witch

I dressed this black kitty using this witch girl as an inspiration so now they are quite the pair!

12-16-kitty witch - 7

It is fun to do a different twist on the same idea.

12-16-kitty witch - 1

Owl dress, cashmere sweater, vintage black lace and antique glass buttons. greys and black.

12-16-kitty witch - 2

12-16-kitty witch - 5

12-16-kitty witch - 1 (1)

12-16-kitty witch - 3

12-16-kitty witch - 6

12-16-kitty witch - 4

Orange Houndstooth Kitty

9-13-kitty5 - 1

Well, this kitty was a challenge. This houndstooth wool looked so perfectly kitty in the abstract but it ended up being very hard to make into a sweet-faced girl. The scale of the pattern drowned out the face details. I had to re-work it a number of times before I was satisfied.

9-13-kitty5 - 1 (1)

Her coat is a nice teal-green linen- in a former life, my mom’s porch linen tablecloth. Love that.

9-13-kitty5 - 1 (2)

9-13-kitty5 - 1 (4)

9-13-kitty5 - 1 (3)