I didn’t know that…

It never occured to me that you could use that double sided iron-on stuff- you know, like Wonder Under– to stick fabric onto cardboard. We had a demo at doll club a few weeks ago and we all got a pattern and directions to make this- a folding bin, very handy for a trashcan at a workshop. Here is is open-


and closed-


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  1. Oh yeah… the stuff is just a thin film of hot-melt glue. So anything you can hot-glue together, you can Heat-n-Bond together. I use it in bookbinding… iron some onto calico, and voila, instant bookcloth.

    I’ve seen fabric ironed thusly onto unfinished wood, too, but I’ve never tried that myself.

  2. Neat bin and nicely photographed. I have used that stuff to iron cloth to cardstock for making greeting cards and it works great.

  3. Never heard of it before…LOVE your bin, think I may have to try making one myself. LOVE your dolls too. Thanks for sharing all your lovely work.

  4. I used that stuff to make a sewing box for backtack–Kelly from Buzzville owns it now. You can see it in my crafty photo album. It really works!
    But that’s way too nice for a trash bin! I’d store rolled up paper in it!

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  6. I am loving your site but the new pictures just are little squares with a red
    x and don’t work…the first picture and trash can and early doll pics are fine. Any thoughts? I would love to see more! I am just starting out (my daughters are two and fourteen) and your work and words are very inspiring. Keep it up! ( and hopefull go back to the old picture format?)