sketchbook/mini-portfolio thing project

So I just did a group of postcards. I had fun drawing little doodles on fabric with Micron Markers. We had a family field trip over to Utrecht to buy art supplies for Peter’s summer classes. Surprise- look what I found! These fantastic markers were on sale, only .99 and in such beautiful colors- So much for Peter’s art supplies!


Well, the new markers inspired this little project that I did today. I was thinking it would be fun to make myself a sketchbook with cloth pages instead of paper. Then, I could snip out little drawings when I wanted to do the applique collage postcards or atc’s. I made myself 2 piles of fabrics and put sheets of freezer paper between each layer of fabric. I machine sewed an edge and then sliced them into sketchbook sized pieces. I’ve ended up with a total of 5, so I am probably set for life.


The fabric “sketchbooks” are way too floopy to use, so I decided they needed some kind of support structure. I made a little portfolio cover to put them in. Here are all the parts layed out. The colors in this photo are accurate- the next photos are sort of washed out. You can see the cardboard covers and spine on the right of the photo.


Here is the front- it has a pocket for my pens and pencil-


and the back- it closes with a wrap around tie-


here are some pages. You can see the layers of freezer paper. This pad has lots of colors, the other side is mostly white. The 2 pads are held in place with bulldog clips.


and I put a strip of fabric in the back so my little moleskin can have a place too.


I did this using the same technique that I used on this project- wonder-under onto cardboard. I am still amazed.

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  1. I’m not quite sure I get it–how do you use cloth for sketching? Do you draw on the freezer paper and then cut out the fabric backing? However you use it; it does sound wonderful!

  2. oh my goodness such a wonderfully good idea… I hope you don’t mind if I make one too. Mind you your fabric markers look far superior to mine.

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