better pictures

the light is good today so I’ve taken lots of photos-

Kitties 4 and 5

I think of them as brother and sister instead of a couple.

2 kitties

They can sit with a little encouragement- I gave them a hip seam.


boy face

his felt school/messenger bag. It can open up, but I haven’t put anything in it.

cat bag

I wish I had made the sweater just a little bit shorter- I don’t like how it goes over the tail.


And here is the sister cat-


girl face

They are about 14 inches tall, made of mostly recycled and/or vintage materials (except her skirt fabric and his felt bag). The sweaters are made by recutting old sweaters. His is slightly felted so it was easy to cut and sew- no unraveling. Hers did not full at all when I washed it, so when I cut it, I had to be very careful. I bound the seams so it won’t fall apart. I always try to use the ribbing from the sweaters because I think it makes them look so much more authentic.

3 thoughts on “better pictures

  1. Love the kitties. Great detail. Don’t fret over the length of the sweater–it’s very realistic. I don’t like where sweaters sit on my bum either.

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