10 thoughts on “big man- tourist

  1. Wow, your big man tourist is too cool. I’m a bit jealous, but you see, next weekend I’ll have my very own version of a big man tourist. (We’re doing a quick weekend trip to Hawaii to see the USS Arizona memorial.)

    I especially love that you made all the little hawaiian shirt motifs by hand … what a labor of love! Doesn’t he remind you of the tourists in Lilo & Stitch? :-)

  2. Mimi, I have been looking at your work for some time now and really do enjoy your blog too. I wish I could go the sale you are doing this weekend and see the “big ladies and big gentlemen” in person. I really love the Fembot too. How do you know how to price things? We were discussing this issue on our Doll Street Dreamers list.

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