more babies

Sweater babies- all ready for the cold weather.





The chorus line arrangement here on Flickr. And here they are, out in the sun, on my front steps-


I was feeling totally uninspired and uncreative with the robot and so have put him aside- Here is a peek at what I’m working on- can you guess what it is?


5 thoughts on “more babies

  1. I’m guessing that it’s a fairy, maybe?

    As usual, you’re attention to details is just delightful. One question, the babies’ face appliques look 3-dimensional and the sweater fabric underneath the faces seems indented somehow; is there stuffing between top layer of the body and the applique or is there a magic technique for doing that? It looks so nice.

  2. I put a little roll of felt under the nose and embroider it into place- gives it the dimension. I stitch the faces onto the bodies and then do a running stitch through the doll, around the top part of the face and then, on the bottom part of the face, through some of the stuffing, but not the back. It makes the face puff up a bit. Also, I like to think it makes the top part look like a hat. Clear?

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