postcards- seasons spring and winter


postcard 1

postcard 2

postcard 3

Winter- I really like these. I used a few sequins on each one to add a little sparkle.
I like how on this one, the sky fabric has nothing to do with snow and yet that’s what the design turns into-

postcard 4

I like how the face on this one is painted- pink cheeks, chin and nose- so cold!

postcard 5

and in this one, I used some wool blend felt which I’d washed and it puffed up- I like how it looks for the jacket.

postcard 6

I guess this fits into Summer- it was the first one before I’d really thought things out. The birds are printed on the fabric- I didn’t do that part.

postcard 7

I’ve finished the rest. I’ll photograph and post them tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “postcards- seasons spring and winter

  1. I love the winter ones in particular. As a former New Englander, these remind me of the nicest parts of winter – crisp days, sparkles on ice crystals, snowflakes in the air, and colorful, warm clothing. But I think I’ll stay here in the South, just savoring winter in my memories. Wonderful work, as always, that evokes wonder and pleasure at your talent and creativity.

  2. They are really charming. Do they get used as postcards?
    I’m afraid I have a personal grudge against zig-zag stitch though. Have you ever tried making them with a little free-hand machine embroidery instead of the zig-zag? I love the way Janet Bolton turns under her hems by hand but this takes ages.

  3. I have sent them out in envelopes because I think they’d get dirty or wrecked. I think it would be possible to mail them though- I think about all the other things that get through- magazines especially. The challenge would be to get the stamp to stick.

    The zig-zag must be a personal taste thing- I really love it. I have done some with free motion embroidery, but I like to use that like a drawn line- I use it along with the zig zig. I have no interest in the hand turned applique method- I have never felt successful with incorporating it into my work. That is why I was so excited when I discovered this technique-
    This technique has inspired lots of new dolls besides Miss Hood… the boyfriends for example.