little red ridinghood

Little Red Ridinghood is done-

red ridinghood

her face-


and body applique-


When I was in New York a few weeks ago, I went to Purl Patchwork. While I was browsing around and drooling on the Liberty of London fabric, the sales person was talking to someone who must have been a beginning quilter. She was showing her how to cut curves and sew them together and then got onto applique. I was listening to it all- not much of a challenge since the store is tiny. She described an applique technique that I’d never heard of before- so obvious and yet brilliant! I don’t think the person she was talking to understood what she was trying to describe, but I got really excited! I just did a 2 minute Google search to see if I could find a good description, but could not so I’ll try to explain.

You have your chosen fabric and then something like a very light not iron-on interfacing for backing. I had some used dryer sheets and thats what I used- they worked perfectly. You put your fabric face down on the backing. You sew the outline of your shape. Clip the curves and trim the seam. Cut a slit in the backing. Turn the little shape right-side out. Now, all your edges are turned in for you- iron it flat. Sew the shape in place.

I knew I had to try it and I did on this doll- on her basket, arms and the lower edge of her hood. It works beautifully. Thanks, whoever it was at Purl Patchwork that day!

15 thoughts on “little red ridinghood

  1. I love the color combination on Red! I never would have thought of dryer sheets either – I didn’t know they did that. Thanks!

  2. I’ve heard of this tecnique as well and I’ve used it a couple of times when I’ve done applique.

    I absolutely love your Red Riding Hood, she is fabulous!

  3. I tried this with a used dryer sheet and it workd wonderfully- thank you so very much for the tip!!!

  4. I came to visit from the post on Whip Up. What a stunning work! Your colors, textures and design are really spectacular. The shape of the entire piece is quite beautiful.

  5. How cool is that. Thanks for passing that along, I’ve been doing applique with felt but would like to do something fabric next! I’ll definently use this method!

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