make-do pincushion

Today was our doll club holiday lunch. We do a swap every year, and this year I suggested that we might do pincushions. That was what prompted my article on make-dos for the club newsletter. Here is mine in progress-

I piled up some of my wool scraps in the bottom. Here it the finished object-

I was VERY inspired by Kristen’s pins– my version!

0 thoughts on “make-do pincushion

  1. Me too. It reminds me of a tartufo.

    I was passionate about tartufos as a child, and some strange, infantile part of me wants to grab it and stuff it in my mouth.

    Probably not advisable.

  2. oh my! that is so amazing, I love it, your cleverness never fails to amaze me. Thanks for your interest in the Valentines Day Swap, I am still weighing it up, it would be tragic to offer one and then only get 5 participants, no? :-0

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