starting up again

This is my desk after I cleaned up. Yes. It is.114deskb.jpg

I know it really isn’t cleared off. It must have been for a minute or two, but then I got started on something. While I was clearing things, I kept finding little sketches that I’ve done in the past few months- things I was thinking about, but I was in the middle of something else.114ideas.jpg

Now that it is time to get back to work, there are so many possible directions to go in. Which ever one I chose will very likely lead me down a path where these other ideas get forgotten or at least delayed a lot longer. They are all calling to me! So, I freeze up. But I know it is important to do something, anything, start somewhere. Start on the thing that has a deadline of sorts. So I am making Valentine postcards and Valentine robots-

above, that is my work table. Below, the ironing board. All surfaces are covered again. In my studio, that seems to be a good thing.


11 thoughts on “starting up again

  1. Hey Mimi,

    I have pieces of paper like that all over the house. Sometimes I can’t even work out what I was thinking at the time, they remain complete mysteries to me.

  2. I have been “cleaning off” my desk for over a year, and organizing my space, and getting rid of stuff-ha, that one’s the funniest. I get very sidetracked too, as I dig down and come across half started/finished projects. I take heart from the story I heard on NPR the other day that claimed that chaos spawns innovaton, because of the very process of finding things and getting new ideas as you try and clean up!


  3. I can totally relate. Right now, I’m sorting,cleaning,scrubbing the basement out (my new studio area) and it’s taking so much energy! Geez…It’s not finished but I still work down there. My main objective is to make it mostly safe for the little ones and make it less dusty for my allergies.

    I’ll probably post some inbetween pics of the process…it’s scary. ;)

  4. Love your blog and your creativity. Lisa at MyArtFulLife sent an email telling about your blog. Very beautiful things you create!

    Best wishes,

  5. your studio looks like a play ground for me! i could just hang out there all day and look at all the wonderful projects you have going on…like, are those WIP robots? the felt guys with numbers on them. you always amaze me mimi.

  6. Well I have bits of paper with scribbles and most of them find their way into my handbag for some reason LOL!
    Well I end up scribbling in the most unlikely places so end up having these papers shoved into my handbag. Yours chaos is working for you. I wish it would for me too.LOL

  7. For me to watch your process, is a very good thing!
    I too have this problem, too many surfaces covered by too many different projects!

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