babies and pillows


Besides the blanket, I’ve been working on other stuff… things are not going smoothly.  Back in January, I posted a photo with some sketches of ideas I wanted to work on.  For at least 2 weeks,  I’ve been working on making a big head baby…  I can’t get it to work for me.  I can’t get my little sketch and the vague idea in my head to turn into a finished 3D design that I’m happy with.  Maybe I need to get the idea into better focus…
So, I’m trying a different approach.  These guys are little- just about 6 inches tall.  Sort of 3D sketch dolls.

Yesterday, I broke down and set up a work table in a heated room.  My attic studio has been unbearably cold.  I think the cold had cut off my creative juices.

And remember that personal rules discussion?  Now that the blanket is finish, here is the project next in line for my not-art/ house stuff category.  It’s going to be a sofa pillow.


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  1. I find that when I am cold I cannot function either. I need to not only have a physically warm atmosphere but also an emotionally warm atmosphere. I have not been able to craft properly as I do not have that space at the moment. I also have lots of half finished body parts where I cannot get what is in my head to turn out how I want it to. I am not very good at drawing either so I create a semblance on to paper but most of my work is done on the cloth itself. It will come to you as always. it just needs time. Good Luck.


  2. oh, I know how you feel! I have all those ideas in my head, I make little drawings on paper, hoping to remember what they mean. And one day, I can’t hold it any longer, I have to try it out and start sewing. I make one, this should be a little different..a make another one …no, that should be a little different…at the end I made 6 dolls but the last one is the best. Luckily I have 4 kids and they like to play with unperfect dolls ;)
    But what I find very brave: knitting 5 1/2 weeks on something – oh my god – if my projects aren’t finished in one or the most in two days, they end up in the corner…I’m very little patient…

  3. Those little brown guys are adorable. I just have this vision of opening a cupboard and tons of them falling out on some unsuspecting individual. Congrats on the Completion of the Blanket! It looks great – looks like those folks are enjoying it too!

  4. I love their little squared-off heads. My little guy has a very square forehead – with kissable corners, weird I know. They are amazing and I am desirous. And lady – 5 1/2 weeks for a blanket? That is a drop in the knitting bucket. That was a blanket, size large. I consider myself a fast knitter, but I keep blankets as the mindless-knit-for-movie-watching. Enough of setting you straight, in closing, I am excited about pears.

  5. MiMi- those babies look sweet to me- but I just did the same thing- tring to make a fat head baby and it looks like a leprochan for heavens sake!! Very funny! My husband laughed and laughed when he saw it! I admire your knitting- I am still trying to learn! Can’t wait to see the pillows! Stay warm! Spring will be here soon!

  6. Wonderful work, Mimi! Love the wee babies!

    Also, a side note…your blogpage ( isn’t loading for me. I had to access this by going to your archives. Just thought I’d let you know.

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