my other paper bag project

I am doing another paper bag themed project- this one with my doll club. The idea for this one was that each person who wanted to participate would put a selection of materials into an opaque paper bag- a fat quarter, trims, buttons, whatever. Then, all the closed bags were shuffled up and redistributed. The idea was to get people inspired and excited about something new. Not that I need inspiration… I’ve got a huge long line of ideas I haven’t gotten to yet, but I wanted to participate anyway. I am finally getting to work on it (doll club is Thursday and I’ve had the bag since November!). I am using this project as a way of dressing some of my poor naked dolls- see New Years resolutions.

This is what I got in my bag- oops, I photographed the wrong side of the large floral fabric. There is also a beautiful button that somehow got misplaced before I started taking pictures.


Here you can see the doll I’m using- I took off her hair- it really gets in the way while I’m working. I’ll glue it on at the end.


and that is the right side of the fabric- it is beautiful. I was very lucky with my bag- thanks Jenifer!


and one more photo- I’ve got the pants mostly done. You can see the dotty waistband in the 2nd photo. The sweater and socks was what the doll was wearing before I started. I’ll have to decide about those. I have one sleeve on- very fancy, 2 fabrics because … I didn’t have enough fabric to make the sleeves so I improvised. I’ve got the lining chosen (the hard part), cut and sewed. Now I need to go put in the other sleeve and put the lining in. The girl probably won’t be finished by Thursday, but she will be a lot closer to being finished. Yeah!

And, thank you, thank you to everyone who has bought my cards! All the orders have been mailed so you should be getting them soon!

9 thoughts on “my other paper bag project

  1. Wow I love that paper bag you made and what lovely fabrics you got in that bag. It is always nice when you get something lovely like that especially fabrics. Sometimes one can have misfortune of getting something that is not to your liking.
    I love that doll. I can see your costume is going to be beautiful as always. That colour combination is really beautiful.

  2. This gives me an idea for our Quilt Camp challenge project for next year… Thanks! Ditto Stephanie… love hearing the thinking process.

  3. OH, I really love this kind of dolls you make. They are the most beautiful ones I ever seen. I like their ‘a bit blue’ expression, and I think that’s what makes them so real :=)

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