Yippee! They’re here!


They were finished a day early! I have listed them in my Etsy Shop. They are large note cards- 6 1/4 x 4 5/8, blank on the inside. They are printed on a linen texture paper. $12 for 6.

They come from the printer scored, but not folded. I’m going to be busy. I’ve set myself up on the dining room table- sorry family…

I’m putting them together in packs of 6- one card of each image and tying them up with a ribbon- thanks for the great suggestion, Abby! And all your encouragement.

here is a close-up where hopefully you can see the texture on the paper-


I’m really pleased with how they look, although this project was very stressful for me- so many decisions… size, paper types, borders, etc. I am sure it will be a LOT easier next time- it is that first step that’s so hard. I have to admit, I love having them to touch and look at. I’m glad I ended up having them printed locally. So now, go and order some some you can send them out to all your valentines!

13 thoughts on “Yippee! They’re here!

  1. WoW! These look great! Where’d you get them printed at? I’m interested in getting cards made…have to look around here too…Great cards!I may be ordering some in the future! :)

  2. They look great! Nice textures! I might have to just get myself a pack–but they are way too nice to part with I’m afraid….

  3. Hi Mimi:

    Do you still want to be a member of Art doll makers? if so you need to post the code . let me know if I can help.

  4. Mimi,

    I want to buy a set of your cards but I’m having trouble logging into Etsy. Can you invoice me through PayPal – or just send me your PayPal info?

  5. Mimi, The cards are delicious. They contain the message without a word. I touch them to feel the fabric.

  6. Yipppppeeeeeee! I just ordered TWO sets… one for ME and one to send to my MOST special valentines… Thanks! I’d also like to know about your printer, if you’re willing to share that information.

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