Paperbag Swag

I am doing a round robin project with 5 other blogger/artists. Theresa organized it. We have a flickr group and there is a description of the project there.

I started out thinking paper collage would be fun to try. This whole thing seemed very new to me- pushing me out of what I usually do. Not a bad thing. This is how I started-


I worked and pushed and tried all sorts of stuff. This picture is midway through my process. The left side ended up as the insert-


The right side collage ended up in the trash. I worked and worked on it. I thought it was finished enough that I even glued it onto the cover. I just wasn’t happy with it though. I kept trying to add more to make it better. Finally I decided I wasn’t willing to send out something I was so dissatisfied with- it would be embarrassing! I had to remind myself- Don’t be afraid to throw something away and start over! I scraped it off and did this instead-


Much better! It’s funny how smoothly things can progress once you are moving in the right direction. Sewing and fabric was much more comfortable for me- even when combined with paper and collage. Here is the rest of it-

back cover-


other side of the insert-


the edge-




My theme was me- a self portrait. I think because that’s what I wanted to try once I got into the collage thing. I will be posting about this project every so often in the next 6 months. I’ll be mailing it off to Kirsten tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Paperbag Swag

  1. I was disappointed to see that those wonderful pictures of you as a child didn’t make the final cut, but I suppose I understand the concept – it’s where you are now on your journey, not necessarily where you were a long time in the past, that is most meaningful. Although I think it’s fun to follow the process, too. That’s probably why I get so much pleasure reading your blog – I love how you document the journey you take as your works evolve from ideas to reality.

  2. You are a fiber gal at heart! You worked at it until your journal was you… that’s a fabulous gift you gave yourself! And many thanks for sharing the process along with pictures of the “didn’t work” pages.

    I’ve been at a book publishing retreat for 5 days, and just now got caught up on your blog, AND ordered cards. I love them so much… one set to keep and inspire me… one set to send to my MOST SPECIAL valentines. Thanks for making them, Mimi!

  3. Hi there, I came to your blog on Kristin’s mention and I am in love! The book is an amazing thing to behold. I have wanted to make one myself, maybe I will become motivated to create. Glad to have been pointed towards your blog!

  4. Oh Mimi, It turned out great! I love what you did with the binding–and you really made it your own~sewing on paper—YUM! Looking forward to seeing it up close but by the time I get it, it will be pretty fat!!!

  5. Hello!
    On your blog,, I found this superb doll (paperbag project). I like your piece very much, and I would like to use your design to make a quilt for charity appliquéd with dolls like this. Would you please give me permission to use it? In exchange, I will put an article on my blogs and on my website to publish the source of inspiration and your superb work.
    Thanking you in advance,
    Smaranda Bourgery

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