paper bag book- month 2

I just finished my pages for Theresa’s book.226pages.jpg

I stuck closer to my comfortable medium this time- fabric and sewing.

Here is the west coast house open-


and the east coast house-


The hard part was figuring out how to put the goodies into the pocket without having everything spill out, every time anyone picked up the book. I made a card and attached my little goodie bags to it. I put papers and other stuff straight into the pocket- the things that are less likely to fall out. Look how fat the book is already! I can’t wait to see how they look in a few more months!

If you are interested in seeing other paper bag books, I found some by putting “paper bag book” into an ebay search. Very interesting.

6 thoughts on “paper bag book- month 2

  1. yeah, lucky me! And lucky you! Your hubby fixed the problem with the comments here at last! I can get through and see them all. Thanks for the lovely spread Mimi –oh and I can’t wait to peek at all my swag.

  2. oh, and I’m so happy not to have to type in coded letters here anymore. About 99% of the time I tried to leave a comment, I was stuck having to interpret that darned code which was barely legible. YEAH FOR FIX-IT HUBBIES!!!!

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