busy week

First of all- Thank you, thank you for all the positive response to mr. naked robot! I’ve been glowing!

It was one of those weeks where a lot was going on that kept me away from the sewing machine. I have a friend that works at Harvard in the African Studies Department. They were having a special event this week which included a workshop lead by Oyenike Okundaye, on Nigerian fabric dyeing. It was fun to get out of the house and get a glimpse into several worlds I’m not part of- African textile arts, Harvard and their academic arts, and people in general who end up at a workshop like this, mostly somehow connected with Harvard, which I am not.

The first night we did what I think of as tie-dyeing. She showed us a variety of traditional ways to fold the fabric before tieing (actually we were using rubber bands). These are the ones I did-

and this is what the floor looked like by mid-evening-


We also did some work with wax and dye and also a technique that involved stitching and pulling to gather the fabric. What I did the second evening-


I think I’ll be able to use some of what I was playing with when I dye my wool fabrics… which I do every once in a while. Lots of fun!

Also- I think I worked out the twisting leg problem that was bugging me on the naked robot guy- I did some ripping stitches out, adjusting and resewing- better now- phew!

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  1. these are AMAZING!!!! i love that i always learfn something new here and can leave feeling completely inspired!! thanks.xx

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