*Warning* Nudity* naked robot ahead


This one has been waiting a long time to be made. When I first saw that pink zipper pull… well, it seemed pretty obvious where it needed to go!

Side view-


I quite like how the back looks-


his face-



and the torso.


Here I am holding him so you can get a little scale. He has very long legs and is about 25 inches tall.


I worked and reworked the legs. I am still not 100% satisfied with how they hang. So I might be reworking them again- if I can think of what to do. It is a common problem for me- the doll looks fine/right when it is sitting, but the legs twist into an odd position when they are in a standing position… which they normally wouldn’t be in because they can’t stand on their own. hmm. He is basically the same pattern as Robot #3.

40 thoughts on “*Warning* Nudity* naked robot ahead

  1. Okay, the nude robot just made my day. He is a beautiful piece of artwork, not all nudity is lewd! Thanks for the pick-me-up.

  2. He’s cute! A;though I’m sure he wishes you’d found him a bigger “zipper pull” (haha) Does he have a 72 inch friend for my sister?

  3. the humor in this creation makes it extraordinary! Terrific! Inspiration from a pink zipper pull–it doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. Wonderful! Love him!!! Great details…thanks for all the photos and this is what makes blogging so FUN!!

  5. I adore him! I’m not usually a lover of robots but his humanity and vulnerability make him quite lovable.

    Whatever issues you were having with his legs seems to have worked out just fine. They look perfectly positioned…very natural…in the picture where you’re holding him.

  6. The reasons I love this guy will take too long.

    But I WAS going to say that I particularly love the joints.

    I’m surprised that you’re not happy with them. They’re just beautiful.

  7. Lol, Mimi – you are having fun, aren’t you!

    I’m familiar with the twisting joints issue, and one way around it is to use something like webbing to make the hinge. The width and slight stiffness across the webbing makes it work like a to-and-fro hinge working in only one plane, whereas if your joint hinge doesn’t have that width it works more like a universal joint. Another thing that might work, which would preserve the gangliness better, would be rope embedded all the way down the legs from inside the body at the hips.

  8. Oh my goodness, he’s absolutely adorable Mimi! I loooove that you used a pink zipper pull. And how appropriate that it’s a “pull” … hee hee. :-)

  9. Mimi! That is the randiest thing I have ever seen made out of felt.
    I kinda shrieked out loud when the picture opened. With glee that is!

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  12. mimi…you’ve out done even yourself!! he is DELIGHTFUL!!!! (beside the zipper pull) those little cherry buttcheeks have me grinning ear to ear.

  13. # pen_name Says:
    May 4th, 2007 at 4:06 pm

    Proof that Dorothy slept with the Tin Man. God help us all.



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  15. Mimi: I am rolling on the floor laughing ! He is just wonderful.
    With a zipper pull for a “who who” I don’t wonder why his legs dangle funny. Ha Ha HA HA HA I am sitll laughing. His six pack and nipples and belly button are thinking outside the box too ! Love it ! And his little buns ! priceless !
    He really is a creative figure, you have really out done yourself this time.
    Do you have any other thoughts in mind? for another doll. or any other body parts your dreaming about?
    Have Fun !
    Great Job

  16. He is so cute. Great job. My friend Barb from NH showed me this and I loved it. Your very talented!


  17. Hi Mimi
    Just surfing for inspirations,Have an ARTDOLL magazine,
    What fun and an inspiration you are! :) ;p
    You made me chuckle!!!!!!!

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