Week 3- interview

And now for week three of the interview. Week one is here. Week two, here. To review- there are 5 tracks and I’m posting them on consecutive Sundays. Carley wrote a post about the interview here.

And some links-

I love a reading list and I was very happy to find this list over on Rebecca’s Pocket. I’ve taken notes and can now bring it along to the library when I am searching for audio books.

And did you see Karen Nicol’s incredible embroidery site? I found this link over on Kim’s blog and wow! Blow my mind! Some of my favorites- blue roses, white garland, wisteria?

4 thoughts on “Week 3- interview

  1. Hi Mimi,
    I finally got to time to sit down and listen to all three segments of your interview. How fun to hear your voice. I was shocked to hear that you have only been creating your dolls for a few years! You are such a master!
    Even though I don’t consider myself an artist, I do find that I get depressed if I am not taping into a creative outlet. Stamping, sewing, mosaics etc.
    I loved to hear how you get into your work.
    If I had your talent I think my house would be full of the girls. I don’t think it would be posible to part with them. :)
    I will look forward to the next two segments of your interview. I hope your holiday was great.

  2. I can really relate to everything you are saying here; I’m digging this interview–it’s like you’re sitting here having a convo with me–do you have your mug of tea? I have mine!

  3. i’ll have to catch up on the interviews later when the household isn’t sound asleep. whoa!!! on the embroidery link…love your choices, but also am fascinated by the sheer dress with embroidery on the belly (full frontal aside).

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