fabric stamping

I’ve been working away on my fabric stamping project. So much to learn!

I showed my carved stamps and first experiments here. Abby lent me a very helpful book. After looking through it, I made some other stamps by gluing string to cardboard in a spiral-


and also rice onto cardboard-


I love these patterns. I was thinking I would use them as background texture, but I really like them the way they are. I can really see using these patterns in my applique work.

BTW- I am not using acrylic paint for the stamping after all. As I have mentioned before, I have a house full of so much art supplies, I should always be able to find what I need. A few years ago, I bought some Createx colors and fabric medium at a yard sale (Thanks Beate!) and that is what I am using. I learned in the book, that you can make a stamp pad using felt. It really works! This is the felt (el cheapo variety) sitting on top of the color. I press the felt into the color using my palette knife, until it is saturated. Then, stamp away.

And here is what I’ve done so far-





ack- a mistake! One of many, actually…

and flower babies-


They are being washed right now. Hopefully they will look the same afterwards.

10 thoughts on “fabric stamping

  1. I think you did a great job with your printing. And remember… mistakes just show that it is handmade. The cardboard with string looks soooo good. Did you ever try cutting a lime, etc in half and letting it dry out a day so the pulp shrinks back a bit. Also some potato mashers have interesting patterns on them. Fork prongs are interesting, too.
    Joni (YUMMERS!)

  2. These are great Mimi–welcome to the wonderful world of handcarved rubber stamping! It’s wonderfully addictive! The fabrics look wonderful–I’ll be sure to follow myself one of these days.

  3. I love what you did with the string and rice. What great textures! Thanks for the link to the book. I’m familiar with her quilt work, but hadn’t heard about her stamping book.

  4. you certainly don’t do anything half-assed!! your process on these two posts are wonderful!! i love all the designs you came up with but have to say, i think the bugs one is my favorite…something about how i see the pattern before i see the bugs, the way the legs touch making an altogether DIFFERENT design. you did great!!

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