threading needles

Who needs fireworks!  This is a beautiful asiatic lily, amazingly not devoured by red lily beetles.


And this is my new tool/toy-  a needle threader from Clover.  I am loving it.  And yes, I can usually make it work with one or two strands of cotton embroidery floss.  Wool crewel, no.


It looks like I will be in Ithaca, New York in 2 weeks.  Anybody out there?  Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “threading needles

  1. Hey!!
    I live north of Ithaca and we drive down fairly often.
    I usually don’t have a chance to explore any fabric etc. shops as we usually spend our time visiting the GREAT used book stores scattered along the drive down, in the Commons, and in the DeWitt Mall (Moosewood is there as well).

  2. Beautiful lily… I have always admired asiatic lilies. And a friend recently asked me about the needle threaders: Is it just a gimmic? he said. I told him no and that I’d be buying myself one in not too distant future… especially after threading a tiny “ball point embroidery needle” last night. It had the narrowest eye!

  3. The needle threader looks interesting. Do you think it would work with beading needles? I do bead embroidery? Thanks.

  4. I don’t know if it would work- but the threader came with some very tiny sample needles- for quilting they said. Maybe someone will pipe in and let us know if they work for beading needles, or maybe, someday, I will pull out the beading stuff and try for myself!

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