Paperbag swag month/page 5

This month I am working on Amy’s book. I already showed the first 3 steps of the project. Here is the rest. Tons of photos ahead.

After doing the background, I sewed the figures onto the fabric and cut it into the pages afterward. This is the pre-cut photo. Sorry it is a bit out of focus.


I glued rickrack onto the edges- silver and blues. Photo of glue drying-

Then the part which always feels like a huge step- gluing the pages into the book-


… in case anyone wants to see my oh so complicated system for clamping, weighting and gluing.

Phew- they are in! I’m committed! Now for the finished photos-


left page-


right page-





I had so much trouble with this face- I did it over 3 times!


I wrote “Momma’s Dream” on this piece. When my kids were little, the one thing that seemed like bliss was when everyone, even me, was asleep and safe- ah, peace. Amy’s theme for her book is balance, but I don’t really think you get much balance with three little babes. You get through every day, trying to keep your sanity intact, and if you can relax, laugh and still notice the beauty around you, you are doing an amazing job!

Finishing this project has overlapped with starting the next- the printed fabric swap that Bitter Betty organized… this is all new to me, but more about that learning process another day…


17 thoughts on “Paperbag swag month/page 5

  1. Mimi, this is just wonderful! I’ve really been enjoying seeing your interpretations for each person’s book. Amy will love this.
    Years ago when I lived in Cleveland, I was part of a group of very active fiber artists and often participated in similar projects. I found they always stretched me and I loved the challenge of having an *assignment* to start from. You’re motivating me to consider some of these online projects!

  2. This just absolutely blows my mind. You are amazing. Did I already say that a few times? Sorry to be redundant. You are amazing, awesome, and fabulous!

  3. Mimi, this is an amazing piece of work. Did you machine stitch the figures onto cloth or did you hand stitch them? Everyday I look at your work and I am just gobsmacked by your talent and skill plus just the delight of looking at your work.

  4. Jacqui- First I stuck them on with Iron-on adhesive- wonder under, I think. Then, I machine stitched around them with silver and other color threads. Then I added hand stitched details like hair and fingers.

  5. A really beautiful piece. And I love seeing all the inner workings. That’s as exciting as the finished bit.

  6. I am absolutely fascinated with your process of assembling a book! And I love your applique art! I collect children’s lit. mostly for the illustrations… sometimes the story. I think they are a wonderful source of inspiration… when I need some. I can’t wait to buy your book to add to my shelf and heart.
    Come visit!

  7. Miss Mimi,
    You are so talented. You fasinate me with your gorgous, wonderful work. It makes one drool!
    Have a beautiful weekend.
    Sweetest Regards,

  8. Oh, how I love this. Just love this. It brought tears to my eyes. (I suppose it my three littles and knowing that feeling of safety when all are snug asleep.) thank you for showing this. thank you.

  9. Dear Mimi,

    I have spent a delightful evening lurking about your blog. I was touched by the post in which you talked about your feelings as an artist when people decide you’re not right for their blogs, or that your dolls aren’t right for kids. Your dolls ARE right, no question about it. Not play dolls for babies, maybe, but so beautiful and so beautifully made, that I wonder how anyone in their right mind could not love them. You’re awesome, Mimi Kirchner, and don’t you forget it!

  10. Just love seeing what you create!!! Thank you so much for sharing all the photos and process. Such wonderful work!!!

  11. great to find you via your visit to my blog (thank you) and what stunning work! I L-O-V-E the picture – I too have three kids close in age (now they are 21/20/17) when they were babies – sleep was the sweetest thing.
    I really like what you did here

  12. i love your “oh so complicated” system for glueing…i see i’m not the only one to do this kind of things!! :-)
    it’s funny, in my workshops i always teach how to do things properly and then while i’m working i’m so concentrated thinking what comes next and planning the next steps and design that i forget all i teach…

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