and one more baby


more fall colors


I think the wallpaper in my living room is creeping into my work!


close-up of the birds-



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14 thoughts on “and one more baby

  1. Aw. I love the babies.

    Wallpaper and wallpapery drapery have a way of doing that. I still have dreams full of my childhood toile.

  2. These dolls are truly adorable – I love all your delicate embroidery and the colours you have chosen! These are going to be loved!

  3. beautiful! now if she is going in the shop please price her with your head not your heart. She is worth far more than you think. well done.

  4. Lyrical is the word that comes to mind, I think! Do you plan out the design with the vines and birds beforehand or are you freehanding it? I love it!

    P.S. Thank you for the etsy tip!

  5. Hi Mimi

    yes…i have a new baby at home 280 grams of cuteness…my friends baptized her Maria and Maria she is…..came to me on the perfect day…the universe is like that I think….things events happen for a reason.

    I love her

    Hugs to you and Noah.

    seems like he does not want to leave!!!


  6. Mimi, I’m so taken with your new spin on the swaddled babies. The decorative ‘wallpaper-esque’ (as you referenced) applique patterning is just brilliant. =)

  7. I just love your dolls – it is so amazing to me that you can get such a sophisticated and detailed look with felt! You must cut as well as you stitch. You have a talent with faces and design and color – everything! So glad you are sharing your dolls….

    ~Lin Moon

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