And the last- for now

This is the last of the tattoo guys for now. I’ve been thinking about the use of the word ginger, for red hair. I hear it in my head from the audio books I listen to- think Marian Keyes. It is not just the word but the Irish accent of the reader… Anyway, that’s what was echoing in my mind while working on this one-



Here is a photo of the face embroidery in progress-

8 thoughts on “And the last- for now

  1. I just love these guys. That hair fabric perfect and this is such a great, great use for toile (perhaps the best ever)!

  2. isn’t there also a connotation of “ginger” when referring to a person like what we think of as a typical redhead personality (and really the personality of the spice)- spicy, piquant, rebellious?

  3. I LOVE them!!!

    I want one!!!

    are they on your etsy shop, or would you be into trading?? I just love them…but I said that already didn’t I?? LOL

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