nyc report 1

Day 1- we left Boston in a winter storm. It is becoming a habit.

We went on the BoltBus. It has wifi and that was great fun. I was very happy that I wasn’t the one driving in the terrible weather. We made it safely to the city and only a little bit later than scheduled.

The snow had turned to rain by the time we got to NY. We left our baggage at the hotel and went out again. First stop- Kinokuniya– the Japanese Bookstore. It is very close to where we were staying. I was hunting for some decorative package tape to liven up my Etsy packages. They have a great stationary department at Kinokuniya, but no luck with the tape. Lots of other very interesting things to look at though. Next was a walk through the Fashion District- always fun.

We stepped into a store full of magazines and because it was in the fashion district, I shouldn’t have been amazed when I realized that almost every one was fiber and fashion related. Wow! I picked up one magazine that looked interesting- embroidery in fashion- price $55- eek!

We were on our way to Brooklyn to see Disfarmer, Dan Hurlin’s newest puppet show. To add to the fun, we took a water taxi to get there. Everything in the city was wet (including us), shiny and beautiful  (not us). I experimented with trying to get some night photos- I’ve been inspired by the city photos of my Boston Handmade friend Kerry. I love the way she captures the feeling of neighborhoods. Here are some of my wet city pics-

Waiting for the water taxi-

And then on the boat-

and outside the window- everything is jiggly because of the movement of the boat-

That is the Chrysler building above.

We made it to Brooklyn, had dinner, saw the show, made it back to the hotel… phew! What a day! That’s enough for now. I’ve been away from my studio for way too long and I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things today.

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  1. Thanks so much for showing the pics from mjtrimming. I would love to go back to NYC just to go there and spend all my money there! lol…

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