family tree

Phew- I really wanted to be able to post at least one doll before the end of the month.  Thank goodness for the extra day!

Two little woolly babes.


This one is the day baby with an orange cashmere bird.



This one is the night baby.  I guess I needed to try my hand at owl imagery…  so much owly goodness around the internet- I was inspired!


A moon “hat”-


The owl is cut from an angora-blend printed sweater.  I have found several printed, natural fiber sweaters.  I always grab them.  There is something odd and wonderful about them.  When I found this one, I thought it would be perfect for a kitty or wool hair.  Instead, an owl!

2 more babies with trees to finish.

15 thoughts on “family tree

  1. Lovely, as always! I particularly like the moon baby. The printed fabric for the owl is wonderful!

  2. Night Baby, how do I love thee. All I had eyes for was the owl and the perspective and the patterning and then I read about the moon and that blue is just so stunning next to the snow and the way the leaves overlap the edge. The details, those stunning details.

  3. You are so wonderfully inventive and imaginative Mimi. I love the use of the printed sweaters and the way that the dolls lip colour reflects a colour used on the main body of the doll. I also love the moon ‘hat’ The doll babies have such serene expressions. Your creations always inspire me and make me feel happy.

  4. Mimi , your work is wonderful
    Come on in my site please !!!
    Congratulations from Brasil
    Geisa Lentini
    Geisa’s patchwork fashion

  5. Hello MIMI
    adorable all of your dolls
    the details are so perfect,gorgeous work
    nice to meet you
    big kiss from spain

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