need a man in your life?

Here are the 5 fellows that I will be posting on Etsy on Tuesday-


Once I had them all lined up, it seemed right to keep going.  Add in the guys with the suits-


And hey!  Lets get out all the men dolls that I have around!


The “Big Men” are about 16 inches tall.  The tattooed man design is about 23 inches tall.  I say “about” because they are all a little different.

The update details again- My Etsy shop on Tuesday at 3pm edt.  The tattooed guys will be $125 plus shipping.

If I said I would send you an email when they were available and you haven’t gotten one, I am really sorry.  I don’t have a good system for saving those requests and as a result, I am sure that I’ve missed people.   Email me if you have any questions- mimik(at)  I’ve never done one of these announced updates before and it all feels very weird!

11 thoughts on “need a man in your life?

  1. There is just something about seeing a whole “crowd” that is just so pleasing. I have my eye on Mr. Red Beard!

  2. They look so good all together – I am especially loving the swimmers, they still have a certain circus look to me- he could be the tightrope walker!

  3. I LOVE them, Mimi. I think the tatooed man are your best series yet and I hope I will buy one of them one day :)

  4. These are just brilliant, Mimi! I’m particularly fond of the one wearing the short bathing “costume”. Can you imagine swimming in wool? Yikes! It is really fun to see all of the different types of men together, too.

  5. I don’t know why but they all remind me of Freddie Mercury from the band Queen LOL! I love them all they are awesome.

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