surfer guy

I finished one more before the shop update- Hurray!  This guy is a little different- a totally modern type.


I had some problem figuring out how to do the chest hair.  I stitched it in.  It seemed okay.   I went on to do the moustache and chin hair.  Hmmm, now the chest hair looked less than perfect.  Snip, snip, embroidery removed and new hair (done in feather stitch) looking much better!


Wispy facial hair, bead necklace, ponytail-




close-up of his hair in back-


He will join the others in my shop update later today- 3pm edt.

13 thoughts on “surfer guy

  1. ciao Mimi
    non ho parole per dirti che le tue bambole, pardon doll-men, sono favolose mi piacerebbe tantissimo imparare a farle….ma le vendi????
    saluti e…..alle prossime tue creazioni!!!

  2. you are unbelievable!! ALL of the new men in your life are putting a huge smile on my face.

    love the photo of the line of tattoo guys…it would make a great postcard…and you haven’t made cards in a while.

  3. He is the attention to details ~he is awesome in every way..hehe. Congrats on a successful update! I just peeked into your shop and you sold almost all of those tattoo guys!!

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