a very busy June

This month is very full and unfortunately that will probably mean not too many posts and not much finished projects.

I got my Paperbag Swag out last week and have received mine back- that will give me some wonderful things to blog about.

After I mailed out the goodies, I was down in Connecticut for a quick family visit. This is a photo at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT.

Then the focus shifted to my youngest-

Prom on Friday night-

graduation on Sunday, lots to do around that. When you look at this picture, imagine 95 degrees, no shade- roasted everybody.

Next weekend I will be heading down to Allentown, PA. Then Ithaca, NY and westward to Chicago. Yep, driving. About 10 days or so. Anybody want to see if we can connect?

The last thing planned for June is the Boston Handmade Marketplace. I hope I will have some work to show!

More on everything soon!

5 thoughts on “a very busy June

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  2. How ironic! Here in Sacramento, graduation day was freezing! Well, night time it was because we had such fierce wind. Your youngest and my oldest are on the same walk these days.

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  4. I like your picture of Elizabeth Park, but I’m probably biased since my husband and I got married at that park (in the rose garden).

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