tiny worlds

well, I have been getting some things done… small projects that are taking much longer then they should because of all that other stuff. I am trying to make some smaller things to fill out my booth at the Marketplace.

Pin cushion worlds! This is the first time I’ve made any with the idea of selling them. Here are the first ones-

house 1-

house 2-

and Rapunzel’s tower-

Here is the back view- since that is what I always want to see-

I wanted to use the extremely flowery decoration on these tea cups as inspiration. I thought about houses with gardens. There are more in the works.

34 thoughts on “tiny worlds

  1. Oh I just LOVE the richness of Rapunzel’s gold tea cup with the castle and pennant flags flying high! Such a treasure!

    And the lovely porcelain flower gardens that lead to the front walkway of those cute houses… So very special, each one.

    Do you leave the cup and saucer separate? or do you secure them together?

  2. These are so beautiful! I especially love the trail of flowers along the path. What a joy it would be to do your sewing with one of these!

  3. these are darling! they remind me of my grandmother, who collected incredibly detailed, unusual pin cushions. They are all wonderful, but I am partial to the lawn of the red house. very sweet!

  4. Where do you find the mugs? The scenes you created for them fit perfectly, and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  5. These are so amazing, how do you come up with all the great stuff you do? I adore these – they should be in a story book!

  6. I love these! The colours and the styles! I think that the Rapunzel tower is my favourite! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  7. What an amazing idea….absolutely love these tiny worlds….like the Little Prince on his planet. I can see one with the little prince and his rose….Well done Mimi!


  8. So (sew!) wonderful! Really whimsical.
    These are the most inventive pincushions I’ve seen yet.
    Well done Mimi!

  9. hi mimi-just wanted let you know that I used a couple o f your flickr photos of your guys (that I am in love with) on my blog to promote the boston handmade event. I’ll be there assisting Madelyn Macedo in her both. Can’t wait to meet you! Please email me if you want me to just link to the pics instead of showing them!

  10. oh my! you have brought me to tears (again) those little worlds are just too cute for words. I love love your work, keep it up.

  11. WOWZA! I just discovered your blog via Small ezine. Your work ROCKS! Love these totally adorable pincushions and hope you will be putting some on Etsy to sell. Your talent just blows me away!!!

  12. Mimi, these are just fabulous! Your creativity is just unparalled! I love the rapunzel tower- how clever. They are each unique and beutiful. I have recently ordered some wool felt and am excited to get it as it seems like a wonderful fiber to applique with. thank you for the incredible inspiration!

    By the way, I got my pigma micron pens and thank you so much for the recommendation. They are delightful to use!

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  14. These are just the most absolutely darling visual eye candy that I have seen in a very, very long time. I need the house, and the castle oh and the pond…

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