paperbag swag- the last page

Remember the paperbag swag project? I finished a page way back in July of last year (2007) and then… nothing. The project went on a long vacation. Hopefully we are all back on track now. I am so happy to be finishing and I can’t wait to get my book back with all the artwork from everyone else! This is due in the mail on June 4. I spent the last month thinking about a design and the weekend actually putting it together.

My last page is for Kristin. I have enjoyed working on this page because I’ve met Kristin in person and so there feels like a real connection. Her theme is Journey.

Getting the color right in the photographs is a challenge. In the picture below, the blue is right and the green is wrong.

I am so impressed by people who embroider words- ack-hard! I did a mix of machine embroidery, hand embroidery and ribbon embroidery.

I did some little drawings that I was planning to incorporate into the piece but in the end, didn’t use them. I made a bookmark out of them. They are suppose to show home, family, art.

Here is a gluing it into the book photo. I always get nervous at this part- what if I totally mess it up!

And, the swag!

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11 thoughts on “paperbag swag- the last page

  1. It is so lovely Mimi! So, so gorgeous. And I find hand embroidery so hard. I just don’t seem to have the dexterity or fine motor skills to assure the needle comes through the fabric where it’s meant. So eveness just goes out the window.

  2. You guys are killing me with these books! They are jaw-droppingly stunning. This piece – my goodness! The overall composition, the colors, the amazing little details. Just beautiful – a gorgeous work of art. Fantastic!

  3. That so beautiful day!!
    To discover that to another side of the world there exists a person so creative who transforms this fabric into art.
    Congratulations mimi.
    with love from méxico mayra rene

  4. Beautiful page/art/fabric piece. I love the close up image of the hand with the embroidered hand. it’s so beautiful Mimi!

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