When I first made the girl dolls in March 2007, I finished 5 of the 8 I started. Finally, at least one of these poor girls is coming out of limbo.

The “sisters” all had flower names so I am calling her Marigold. I always planned on this doll having removable clothes and maybe even a whole wardrobe. Her body was meant to look like she had on underwear.

She has a shirt made from a linen napkin. I kept the edging. Her skirt is made from Liberty of London fabric.

Sweater- cashmere of course!

Her shoes are sewed on, so she will be a sensible shoe kind of girl… forever.

And about Tropical girl and naked dolls and all. I like the idea of a removable grass skirt- sounds like fun to make. A good project for later today. Another event on todays schedule- I am going to give a talk about being an artist to the teen counselors at the local art camp/center. I’ve never done anything like it before- I’ll give you a report on it.

9 thoughts on “marigold

  1. How funny! I had the same Liberty of London skirt! When I was in high school, nigh on 30 years ago…I worked after school at a fabric store. And we were required to wear skirts to work. Luckily, we got to choose 3 skirt cuts of fabric each season, and that very Liberty print was one of my favorite skirt fabrics. I made a simple gathered skirt, much like your girl. Only she’s a bit snazzier with the ricrac. What a flash back!
    And another wonderful creation you’ve made.

  2. Adorable!!! She looks like an English miss- very prim and proper. Love the hair, Mimi. I’ll be interested in hearing about your talk. I’m a big proponent of the empowering nature of the creative life.

  3. a mimi doll with removable clothes?!! she’s perfect!! i love her outfit so much i’m wondering if you could make one for me…it might be a bit tricky to find a linen napkin in my size though…

  4. Goodness your work is so fantastic. I love the details you take the time for. The skirt material is so sweet and perfect for this.

  5. Mimi, she is so sweet. I love doll clothes almost as much as dolls- your sweater is fantastic! Sensible shoes are the way to go!

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