Yesterday was spent in the garden because frost was predicted for last night.

I picked all the tomatoes- maybe some will ripen before they rot. I brought in all the flower pots and houseplants that had been out all summer. The porch is now a jungle! And I cut flowers. This is pretty much the only time of year when I bring flowers into the house. In general I like them better in the garden. But, for a while, I will enjoy my bounty. Aren’t those (slightly out of focus) dahlias amazing!

Here is a link to some amazing dolls and other wool work- PezziUnici

7 thoughts on “frost

  1. Your kitchen looks lovely, a gorgeous autumn still life.
    How about making some green tomato chutney? I’ve done some of that and yesterday made some apricot chutney. The whole house smells wonderful. Cooking (and frequent stirring) time: 2 hours.
    I’ve just discovered your blog and spent some of the afternoon, in between jumping up to see to the chutney, exploring your past posts since I couldn’t work in my studio upstairs. Working backwards, I’ve got to October 2007.
    Mimi, I’m amazed, delighted, absolutely knocked out by your dolls.

  2. that looks beautiful. i bandoned my garden during our October birthday extravagences… and the Halloween hoopla.. Next year- less flowers, more veg.
    ( will you fry any of those green tomatoes?)

  3. So much wonderful bounty! Your tomato t-shirt growing method looks like it was a bountiful success! Gorgeous flowers too!

  4. Chiming in on green tomatoes- I’ve chopped them up and thrown them in with mixed roasted vegtables- they were great! I’m planning to do the same w/ my stragglers when the time comes.

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