flower child

this doll was very hard to photograph- so much dark.

This back view photograph is my favorite- the colors look right to me-

And I liked this top view and how she looked with her skirt all spread out.

Her body is made out of a beautiful woven wool fabric from a thrifted mans’ shirt. And flowers and more flowers!

Her dreadlocks are made by running ropes of wool roving through the washing machine.

29 thoughts on “flower child

  1. Mimi, I love the colors and the dreadlocks are amazing! I can just imagine these ropes of roving sloshing about in your washing machine. Brilliance. I love the little kinks, just like real twists. That purple skirt!

  2. Mimi, she is beautiful. I have been admiring all of your work. So talented, and what an eye for color! Thank you for sharing and spreading joy to the world through your art.

  3. I’m in love.
    The expression on her face is so dear…

    You have really been on a roll lately Mimi!

  4. The color choices here are particularly lovely and her face just exudes calm and serenity. Brava!

  5. Takes me right back to the 60’s and early 70’s when I was borderline hippy, cherished full-circle skirts and had many flower child friends. I wonder what’s happened to them? Thanks for the multiple views… really gives us a chance to absorb her personality! Robin A.

  6. Que bonita! Que linda. She reminds me of Frida — all she needs is a necklace tight around her throat.

  7. Every time I visit your site I am greeted with another of your amazing creations. These last two dolls are beautiful! I love your imagination and how creatively you share it. Thank you for continuing to share your creations.

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  9. As broke as I am I know I can’t afford her at the moment but she ranks in the “most wonderful doll I’ve ever seen” category!

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