LA Flowers

I love going to a new place with a completely different ecosystem. At home, I am used to walking around and knowing most of the plants. When I go somewhere with a completely different climate, it is all an awesome mystery. I can’t get over the wonder of it all!

First, some flowers from my beach walk in Ventura.

4-25-LAflowers - 1

I know these ones- California Poppies.

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (1)

After leaving snowy Boston, all the flowers were bliss.

We left Ventura and drove to the Joshua Tree National Park. I’m so glad we went. The high desert is a beautiful place when winter rains have caused so many flowers to bloom. I hope I can visit again, maybe in another season.

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (2)

These are just a few of the many, many flowers we saw blooming there.

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (3)

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (4)

Lots of plants growing out of rock crevices-

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (5)

Then LA. This particular flower was at the Getty Center

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (6)

And these were at the Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. That was my favorite (non-fabric store) place we visited in LA.

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (7)

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (8)

On our last day, we spent the afternoon walking around Venice Beach and the canals there. Oh my, this house is so beautiful-

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (9)

And the garden with all the colors of green- it took my breath away.

4-25-LAflowers - 1 (10)

That’s all the tropical flowers- don’t want to overwhelm the blog! We are getting some spring here in Boston so I will have lots of my own flowers to enjoy soon.


feeling summery

and not much is happening around here! Things are going on in my life- they just aren’t showing up here.  I’ve been doing boring projects like cleaning and weeding, projects that I forgot to photograph before I sent them out- sleeves for some computers, and secret-for-now projects- gift type things.

The garden is looking amazing. So many colors!


Poppy season!

The crocosmia are just starting.

Coreopsis “moonbeam”

and Butterfly weed.


And in the back, my favorite combination. Blue lace-cap Hydrangea and anything.

And an oakleaf hydrangea.

My desk is not completely bare of dolls. Now that I finished the *secret project* (I’ll tell later), I pulled out some partially finished dolls from before Brooklyn and I’m giving them faces, and hair. And life.

Speaking of Brooklyn, I will be going to Renegade Chicago in September- hope to see you there!

Okay, what else? I’ve been going through my scrap box, thinking quilt thoughts. We’ll see if anything materializes. Tomorrow I am driving up to Vermont for a few days. I am going to visit the Shelburne Museum. It looks like there is a lot of interesting goodies there- I’ll give the report when I get back. I think that’s it for now. Hope you had a great long week-end (in the US). The Boston fireworks were amazing!

swaddled baby- fairy baby

*note- today 6/16/09, I redid some of the details on this doll and changed the photos.

This baby says flower fairy to me. She is so soft- the green background is woven cashmere. The flowers in the crown are made of all soft knits- cashmere and angora blends.

Here is the 4 babies together.

note- this is the old version of the baby- I changed the bottom flowers and added details into the blue butterfly.

summer flower baby in December

this baby is the antithesis of todays weather!

So I got mentioned on Design Sponge last Friday- Thanks so much Camilla! Unfortunately I am working flat out for my show this weekend and won’t be putting any new work into my Etsy shop until next Monday. So- that is the word- shop update on Monday, December 15 starting at 12, eastern standard time. I have no idea what I will be posting because it will be what I have after the show. And one never knows about shows.

flower child

this doll was very hard to photograph- so much dark.

This back view photograph is my favorite- the colors look right to me-

And I liked this top view and how she looked with her skirt all spread out.

Her body is made out of a beautiful woven wool fabric from a thrifted mans’ shirt. And flowers and more flowers!

Her dreadlocks are made by running ropes of wool roving through the washing machine.


Yesterday was spent in the garden because frost was predicted for last night.

I picked all the tomatoes- maybe some will ripen before they rot. I brought in all the flower pots and houseplants that had been out all summer. The porch is now a jungle! And I cut flowers. This is pretty much the only time of year when I bring flowers into the house. In general I like them better in the garden. But, for a while, I will enjoy my bounty. Aren’t those (slightly out of focus) dahlias amazing!

Here is a link to some amazing dolls and other wool work- PezziUnici

flower lady 2

I liked the flower design so much, I decided to do it again in a different color palette. This one looks like the night blooming version-

I love working with complementary colors.

When I decided to try this again, I thought it would go much faster the second time. Didn’t happen. I still had to argue with myself about the right colors and do the face 2 times before I was happy with her.

I had some fun taking photos and then I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best!