oh, oh, oh… a very exciting week!

I have had a very exciting week. Lots of great stuff going on that resulted in me not spending enough time in the studio. Although that was more about me being distracted as opposed to being out and about.

You know Craft Magazine? Hee hee- I’m in it!

This is what it actually looks like when I open it-

hence the action shot above. Diane and Rachael did an amazing job on the article- I am so proud to be part of it.

Another exciting thing… I got a request for some hi-res images for a project (one more exciting thing that I will tell you about when there is more information) and that made me realize how totally inadequate my camera is for many fun things I’d like to do. I spent tons of time on Amazon, looking at many, many cameras. I went from thinking I’d buy this one (Canon A590IS) for $115 plus or minus to knowing I NEEDED this one (Canon G10) for $500. How does this happen?! I went down to Harvard Square this morning to see if I could find a copy of Craft Magazine. While I was there, I thought I’d go to a camera store and see if they had a G10 in stock that I could touch. Well, sure enough, they not only had it, it was on sale. I’ve got a new Baby! I’m just doing my part to help with the US economic crisis- hee!

a third exciting thing- new threads-

Yesterday I spent more hours then I thought possible picking out beautiful threads. These are danish flower cotton and I also got crewel embroidery wool. I am so grateful to receive such bounty. When I am given a gift like this, I feel it is my duty to make something beautiful from it- my way of saying thank you. This was my haul 2 years ago. I have enjoyed my bounty every time I have opened my drawer full of color!

There is other stuff too… not ready to be posted about though.  So many distractions! I will leave you with a flower photo taken with my new camera.

16 thoughts on “oh, oh, oh… a very exciting week!

  1. Yay for you Mimi, I can’t wait to read the article and I am very excited about whatever you are excited about – whatever it is it couldn’t happen to more inspiring crafter. Have fun with it and then let us know all about it!!!


  2. Congrats on the article, so cool! What a difference a new camera makes too. My husband recently purchased a Fuji Film Finepix S8100 for me, and I am loving it! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you capture with your new baby.

  3. I’ve been meaning to email you! I was so excited when I saw this. You had great thoughts to share in the article and such a nice big picture! Hooray! Sounds like exciting things are happening for you!

  4. Congratulations on your article! One of my art dolls was accepted for the Spring Issue of Art Doll Quarterly. I know that jumping up and down feeling! I enjoy your sharing and your work. I have just recently learned how to respond since developing my own blogsite! I look forward to more…

  5. That is so wonderful! Congratulations, the tattooed man looks awesome in print. And I’m curious to hear about your new camera as time goes by, I’m kinda sorta in the market for a new one myself.

    Be well,

  6. Congrats on the magazine! That thread is beautiful…what a great bunch of colors. I’ll be looking forward to your photos with the new camera. Good things are happening! :o)

  7. My favorite doll-maker featured in my favorite magazine—perfect! I am so happy for you! Congratulations and I look forward to hearing about your other projects!

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  9. Mimi,

    I think you are a friend and artist cohort of my mom Lois.
    I got to your site though hat sellers in JP!
    They told me I should sell my scarves at the Concord Art market.
    I went to the site and saw your name.

    I can see how much more my mom could get her dolls out had she more computer expertise —which she is learning daily at 80!

    Great stuff,

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