voting day

I voted this morning. There was about a 15 minute wait and lots of excited energy. There were many newbies- people who didn’t know where to go. People in the wrong place. Everyone was cheerful and helpful.

It was a beautiful day today. Ben and I decided to take a vacation day and get away from the election until we might actually be able to hear some results. We drove down to a beach in Rhode Island.

I took off my shoes and walked in the sand. I put my feet in the ocean- brrr! I thought about feet memories versus head memories.

We went over to Quonochontaug Pond where we used to rent a cottage when the kids were little. 

Tonight will be spent watching red and blue patches fill in on media maps. It will be such a relief to have this election finished and decided. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to settle down and get back to work- because that is how I’ve been feeling- unsettled. These girls are waiting for me to finish them up-

My daughter is going to the Obama event in Chicago- I will be very interested to hear her experience- sounds exciting and maybe a little scary!

3 thoughts on “voting day

  1. how very serene a rhode island beach can be in the fall. i was there too, and breathed deeply of fragrant salt air. it’s a bit easier for me. i live here and look out on quonnie pond every day and i am filled with gratitude.

    your photo of the pond reflects the trees and rocks as well as that serenity i am fortunate enough to live.

  2. I loved your comment about feet memories versus head memories. When I was growing up in rural Indiana, I loved to walk barefoot through fields that had been freshly plowed. That is such a strong sense memory for me– so cool on my feet as I sunk down into the freshly plowed earth.

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