tiny worlds class

Make your own Tiny World! February 28, 10am at my house. (Boston area) $60 includes everything but the teacup- you can bring your own. Limited to 8 people.

Email me at mimik@pobox.com to sign up or for more information.

24 thoughts on “tiny worlds class

  1. well, i can honestly say that i wish that i lived in boston…at least on feb. 28th! i can only imagine the fun you will all have. i will admit that i will be a bit jealous. have oodles of fun…xxx

  2. I would love an online class too !? Wisconsin is just not close enough to Boston either. Oh how I wish we had something like this class in “cheeseland”. Love your tiny worlds. Jan

  3. How I wish I could come, but I don’t think I can manage the translatlantic fare … I second (third?) the request for an online classone day though!

  4. Very clever Mimi! Love the concept. So sorry I will miss the class as we will be “cruising” On line class might not be a bad idea…..I’ll just have to wait.

  5. Hello,
    Just found your teacups! Love them, I would be in to the online class. Will you be listing any on Etsy? Thanks! Wendy

  6. oh my goodness gracious me! i have not followed your blog as regularly as i did several years ago but am hoping to finally meet you at this workshop! plus i have arlington ties and love returning there — my dad’s boyhood home was on draper ave…gotcha bookmarked now so i don’t “lose touch.”

  7. While I grew up in Lexington, I currently live in Portland Oregon. Wish I could transport myself to my old home town so I could take your class… I think an online class could be great, should you arrange such a thing

  8. Wish I could come but am on the wrong continent!
    Love your tiny worlds, saw some lovely cups and saucers today and thought of them.

  9. Yesss, also, to an online class someone ahead of me mentioned to you,…if you want to, put me on the list if anyone else would be interested, I’m definitely in.

  10. oh, to the online class for tiny worlds!!! …I meant to say PLEASE!!!!! ‘please!’….. :) thankyouuu…!

  11. I would just love to come. They are adorable your tiny little worlds, but the real one is not that tiny;) It’s too far to you from Sweden:(

  12. Would love to sign up for an online (Ezine style) class to make one of these if you ever decide to do such a thing! Think you might?

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