classes- taking and teaching

woo-hoo! I made a flag in my class today!

I’m going to put it in my booth at the show on Saturday!

I’ve had three classes so far. The first 2 days we tried out photoshop and today we worked in InDesign. The first 2 days were totally stressful. There are 3 middle-aged ladies in the class and then a whole bunch of teenagers. I know nothing about photoshop. Apparently a beginning class doesn’t actually start where I am. The teenagers already seem to know it all and never ask any questions. The 3 others (us) are the ones squeaking “help?”. I moved my seat today so that I was sitting next to someone else who is equally clueless- then I can grab the teacher every time she is near my neighbor. Today went better- I an working on a calendar.

I will be teaching another Tiny World class here in Arlington on Thursday, August 13. All the info is the same as here except the date. Email me at if you’d like more info or would like to sign up.

5 thoughts on “classes- taking and teaching

  1. Great banner. Photoshop is a hard program to learn (I started with 3.0 and now they’re on 7?) but once its in your “fingers” then it goes easier. Good for you for tackling something new. I should take a class to come up to speed on this newer version.

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  4. I live in Colorado and was hoping that your August class would work for my schedule, but alas… no.
    Will you be offering anything in October? Just curious..

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blog with us all.


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