tape love

I spent some time in New York looking for decorative tape.  I like to use it to jazz up my boxes when I ship out an order. I had no luck. Actually, it was worse then that- everyone acted like I was asking for something totally nuts! I tried the Japanese bookstore, Pearl River an oriental import store in Soho, Pearl Paint (art supply store), a paper store… well actually several.So, I came home, googled decorative tape and hit the jackpot at Archie McPhee– Hallelujah! Lucky me! I got tiki tape, sausage tape, cowboys, black cats, pirate tape, wacky rubber duckies and sushi tape. Probably a lifetime supply.

From my walk yesterday- winter bricks.

7 thoughts on “tape love

  1. Life, in general, would be so much duller with Archie McPhees, we have spent many an hour browsing through the store looking for birthday party favors.

  2. The mermaids are wonderful – looks like so much work! – I also love the girl with the bandaids and the boy with the black eye. It’s those unique and quirky details that keep me coming back to your site. I am adding my favorite artists to our family’s art journal and with your permission, I’d love to add you to our list.
    if you like, you are more than welcome to do the same!
    thanks, and have a great day!

  3. When I lived in Seattle, going to Archie McPhee’s was a guaranteed way to erase any bad mood and combat any moroseness due to the grey weather. What a wonderful place!

  4. We love Archie! The arrival of their catalog has always been a great source of entertainment for the whole family. Where else can you find meat bandaids, sparking nuns, and a crazy cat lady doll all in the same place? When he was little, my middle son wanted to move to Seattle so he could spend his allowance there on a regular basis.

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