update on nothing in particular

things I meant to do…

2/13 was my 5 year blog birthday- amazing. I meant to do a blog facelift- didn’t happen. I meant to do a give-away- didn’t happen. Hopefully both WILL happen in the next few weeks.

And I meant to wish everybody a very happy Valentines Day.

I seem to be doing more socializing then usual and going to too many meetings. It is hard for me to get into my work when there is so much other stuff going on. I have a pile of dolls started and have gotten bogged down, trying to get one finished. Hopefully I’ll have something to show very soon.

Today I had a meet-up with Tracey and Melissa. We had lunch and then went on a little photo walk. Fun! This fence always makes me think of Melissa- rust, swirls- and I felt like I had to show it to her. Just one of those crazy blog meet-ups when you know all kinds of odd tidbits about a person. Anyway, we all had fun taking some photos.

5 thoughts on “update on nothing in particular

  1. You’re quick! I’m working on mine now. I like the one with us in it on Flickr – might be my next FaceBook profile pic if you don’t mind me lifting it!

    Great to see you again and talk shop. Here’s to more meet ups soon!

  2. We are blog birthday buddies – Feb 20th was my 5th as well! It’s been fun keeping you company, Mimi, and seeing you getting the recognition you deserve for your lovely original work.

  3. Mimi, I found a wool skirt with stitching on it that needs to go to you! Could you send me your address and I will send it along….
    Of course I always love your dolls and everything you make!
    Oh, and that trip to New York! The felt, the shops….wish I lived on your coast and could visit all those cool places!

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