specializing in wips

wips- work in progress. or maybe ufos- unfinished objects. Anyway, they are piling up.

These 2… I am trying out a potential dress piece on one- orange cashmere. The other, going nowhere yet.

Now this one- she was going really well. Then I started in on the coat and got bogged down. She is looking just right, just what I had in mind, but there are technical issues. How to finish the coat properly…

And this one- she was suppose to be the partner of my mermaid dress girl. Guess I’ve gotten side-tracked. I am pretty sure I know what I’m going to do with her hair though…

This morning I started in on this one. Here she is at lunch time.

And then again, right before dinner time. She is my goth girl. Playing around with felt shadows.

I’m moving forward, but nothing finished yet. This is how I work- several dolls inching forward at the same time. And then, a whole group gets finished around the same time and people ask me how I do it!

14 thoughts on “specializing in wips

  1. Oh I so enjoyed your post! Very interesting what your process is-they are all coming along very nicely!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process. Sometimes I feel like I will never finish anything, and it’s good to see that your work also progresses in what might seem a frustrating way–if you didn’t trust yourself and understand something about the mysteries of the creative process.

  3. oh yes! it’s very exciting when you get a backlog of wips because then I know all of sudden it will be joy joy joy for post after post of wonderful beauties! very excited! t.x

  4. HA hahaha! You are too funny, goth girl is such a cute idea. She looks pretty apathetic, nice WIP. Marianne has a good point; a little body modification would be a great touch.

    Looking forward to your companion mermaid dress girl as well.

  5. I cracked up at “wips” and “ufos”!

    I love that I held that coat girl in my hands, she is so beautiful. I’m thinking peterpan collar for the coat. (does that count as annoying folks who try and tell you what to do with your dolls?)

    And goth girl is just perfect.

  6. Funny, I work like that, too. A whole bunch of quilts, or knitting, or spinning, all inching along, and then, whamo, it’s like Christmas morning around here with everything done. Then a spell of tidying and sorting, sort of ennui, and then a whole new group starts inching along.

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