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wow, wow, wow!!! I am so thrilled by the response to the pattern on Purl Bee– from now on she will be referred to as purl girl. This is totally inspiring me to do my own pattern. A couple of things about me- I get overwhelmed and so thinking about doing a pattern suddenly seems enormous with too many decisions to make. And, I get easily discouraged- if I make a pattern and it’s a flop, I probably won’t try again.

So- I thought it’d be fun to do a survey. What pattern should I try first. The choices are- tiny world, kitty, tiki pillow, or sweater baby.

all of these would be doable by someone with basic sewing skills- nothing fancy.

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  1. I love them all (especially the tiny worlds, which I’ve been admiring for a few months now), but the tiki pillows have won my heart. I can’t resist tiki kitsch!

    And I’m super happy that you say I can make one with just basic sewing skills– that means I might actually be able to pull one off! Yay!

  2. I’ve got another window open, ordering felt to make my own Purl Girl! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with us. And I voted for Kitty.

  3. I love all of them-but the tiny world is very cute-my second fav-tiki pillows!

  4. They are all obviously wonderful, but the tiki is the best choice for a few reasons. First, it is complex and detailed, making it something I probably couldn’t figure out on my own easily! Second, it is a really original design! You could most likely find tons of other patterns for kitties and baby dolls, but the tiki is definitely unique and well made! That said, I think the tiny worlds would be great as well!

    I can’t wait to try your purl girl tutorial!!

  5. Dear Mimi, I can’t tell you how glad I’m that we can have a pattern of yours to work with. Any of the patterns you decide to publish will be perfect, but can I put in a word for bride/groom doll patterns? I just love those dolls, and would certainly buy a pattern if you decide to offer it. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Vesna.

  6. Your new pattern is wonderful! Thank you so much for doing this for us. I haven’t made a doll in ages, but now want to make many. You have made it doable and interesting again. I love that its handsewn, portable, and stuff as you go. I voted for any pattern, but gosh the tiki pillows seem like a good unique pattern to start with. If you lived near me, I would have to be your good friend….you are such a creative soul, and prolific artist with delightful outcomes.

  7. I have loved the tiny world ever since I first came across this website!! I also want to thank you for making the doll pattern I have been trying to figure out how you make your cute girls for a few months now. I’m so glad I can try a new arty craft!!

  8. I say Tiki all the way – they are what made me very first fall in love with your work, and they are completely unique. Tiki Tiki Tiki!

    Plus, I’d want to make one for Diane. :)

  9. I love all four, and would buy all four. I think my first choice would be kitty…no wait…tiny world…..

  10. Tiny world! I’ve been wanting one of those for quite a while – I know just the teacup I would use, too. Second choice would be sweater baby. Just looking at them makes me happy.

  11. The sweater baby. I am going to make your doll from your pattern. I have not made a doll in sooooo long. Once it is made i will let you know so you can see for yourself. Funny i had no worries about your patterns. :) So glad to see one is out there. I am excited!

  12. Love, love, love the tiny worlds. Have been completely facinated by them since I first saw them. I downloaded your girl from purl bee, and can’t wait for my felt to arrive to get started on her.

  13. I voted for Kitty, but it seems like Tiki may be the easiest for you to make up a pattern for, since it’s constructed flat, with the shapes sewn on. That’s what I suggest, since it’s your first one, to choose the one that would be easiest for YOU to make up a pattern for. I think which-ever you choose, folks will love it! I’d find it interesting if you blog about your pattern-making experience.

  14. I love the Tiki pillows! My sister and I get together and craft and she loves Tiki’s and this would be a fantastic pattern for us beginner sewers. Your Purl doll pattern looks fantastic and I can’t wait to try that either. :D

  15. I love the kitty and Tiny world. I dont like the tiki at all sorry!! I see lots do but I really can’t believe it would be the best selling. Kitty or tiny world!! Tiny world is the most unique!

  16. Tiki please…While I’d love the tiny worlds for myself, I have a number of friends who are Tiki FANATICS, and I’d love to make them some tiki goodness…

  17. Congratulations, Mimi! The pattern is incredibly darling. I have my fingers crossed for the tiny world (especially since I’ve been hunting down the perfect tea cup ever since I saw yours for the first time!)

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  19. I love all of the patterns. I think my favorite would be kitty. Thank you for iving us the opportunity to see the patterns.

  20. I loved the sweater babies but I think that are all adorable and I truly hope you will eventually have them all available.

  21. I love that you made a doll pattern for us, Mimi! It was like my heart’s desire. I was hoping you would write a book and include your patterns, and share your stories, but this is wonderful too. I would vote for the Kitty pattern. I love that they are dressed up like little people! Thanks so much for sharing your life and talents with us.

  22. What a tough choice! Maybe sweater babies since I’m looking for a gift idea for nieces. But I would love to try them all.

    Thank you so much for Purl Girl! She is lovely.

  23. I give my vote to Kitty, but they are all wonderful :-)
    well… your stuff is always wonderful, so what ever you decide, we will welcome with gratitude and joy :-D

  24. Thank you for sharing the purl girl pattern. I voted for the Tiny World because they are so whimsical and always make me smile.

  25. I voted for Kitty, but Tiny World is a really, really, really, really, really close second … in fact, if you asked me again in five minutes, I might change my vote. Love them both.

  26. Tiny World, because I need a tiny world to dive into when I come tired and crazy and exhausted from being with clueless and wonderful and exhausting students all day long. I need to have a cup of tea with me, in this little tiny world.

    Then you can do whatever, but whatever that is, I hope it includes lots of dolls and patterns and books. All success to you!

  27. Hi Mimi!
    Your work is so inspiring! I cannot wait to try your purl girl! I would love to see a pattern for the tiki’s! They are soo great! Thank you!! Sarah

  28. I love the tiny worlds and that’s what I voted for, but I also think the kitty would be fun to make! Thanks for even thinking about patterns! Debbie

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