monday report

I think I use that title a lot.

I have been all over the place for the last week. I’ve had visitors to my studio from Portugal and New York. I started some new boy dolls but have put them aside. The Purl girl generated a ton of emails and comments which left me feeling sort of discombobulated- well, unable to focus at any rate. I think I am back on track now though- I’m working on some robots… haven’t been there for a while.

Survey results- That was so much fun- I will have to do more surveys! Tiny world was the clear winner. Which is great because the pattern is mostly done already! This week I plan (hope) to get the photos done.

And, I spent some time this weekend going through old photo albums. I needed to find some childhood photos for the handmade portrait project. It was a challenge to find any family photos of 5 little kids where everyone looked semi-human, the photo was in focus, and the light was decent. This one is obviously post-childhood, but I thought it was the cutest one I found-

1979- Childrens Museum in Boston

patterns- a survey

wow, wow, wow!!! I am so thrilled by the response to the pattern on Purl Bee– from now on she will be referred to as purl girl. This is totally inspiring me to do my own pattern. A couple of things about me- I get overwhelmed and so thinking about doing a pattern suddenly seems enormous with too many decisions to make. And, I get easily discouraged- if I make a pattern and it’s a flop, I probably won’t try again.

So- I thought it’d be fun to do a survey. What pattern should I try first. The choices are- tiny world, kitty, tiki pillow, or sweater baby.

all of these would be doable by someone with basic sewing skills- nothing fancy.